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Styling a life you love...

Friends, hope this blog post finds you well and you give me grace in this space to share some things with you that I think help you and I design and style a life we love. You will hear me say many times, "Hey, girl, do more of what you love and more of what sets your heart on fire. Do that which brings you peace."

So, as I start this blogging journey, I am by no means a pro, have tons to learn, am a bit scared, and just hope to share life, style, encouragement and inspiration along the way from time to time, as well as, share some pics from #myDVTDlife or better known as #styledlifewithchalisa just encouraging you to not forget about self-care, taking the trip, eating the dessert, stopping to chat with your child even on a busy day, taking a walk for health sake, meeting a friend for lunch when the laundry is piling up, and dressing up even when you might not feel fab but frumpy and heading out for date night or girl's night out.

I can only blog these things because I've been there through all this my friends and I can attest that if there is one thing I've learned through COVID_19, quarantine, and these crazy times we are living in right is short and take absolutely nothing for granted. We all need these things in our lives! I need it! You need it! So, with that being said...on Labor Day weekend we took a day trip with our family (yep, we rounded up all 4 of our guys at one time) and took the trip to the lake and headed out...."On a pontoon....(now do you hear that song playing over and over in your head). Good, makes you smile doesn't it?! I sure hope so. See, just taking you along for the journey to a happy place and space.

It was a beautiful day! The weather was perfect - sunshine filled day, cool breeze, and not too hot. God was faithful and gave us peace, rest, smiles, and laughter for our hearts and minds. We made memories to last a lifetime with cruising the lake, swimming, tubing, and more. I don't know about you but there is something about being near or on the water and seeing all of His creation!

Perfect day with family and this my friends is absolutely what styling a life you love is all about...Collect MOMENTS not things.

So, what's next on your must see and fun to do "wish list"?!


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