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Styled Life Giving Back

Your Shopping helps Shape the World Here!

What if your shopping could give back? What if your purchase simply put could make the biggest difference in the lives of those in need? Needy children, children diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses, lepers, widows, missions, & ministries, and the elderly?!  When you shop any products offered with Style with Chalisa there is giving back to great causes PLUS exclusive items giving back to My Soul Adventures/Favour the Helpless & when you shop jBloom Designs and purchase the HOPE necklace, too!  Check it all out below!

Your heart will be so excited to shop here where your dollars really make a difference!



Our Hope Necklace provides HOPE and gives back $10 from each necklace purchased to support Basket of Hope®. This non-profit organization helps brighten hospital stays for children diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses by bringing baskets of HOPE filled with games, books, and more PLUS a HOPE necklace for the child's mother, too.  Read more about Basket of Hope here:


My Soul Adventures

To date, My Soul Adventures along with their founder, Kristal Monroe has helped raise funds and given back to orphaned children, lepers, widows, old age in these incredible ways:

  • Children's Home built

  • Old Age Home built

  • Shelter for the Lepers

  • Several Water Wells built 

  • Continuous donations of money for food & clothes

Their mission is to keep loving on people + reaching out and providing all they can to help the impoverished in India.  Next up is the purchase of land to help create sustainable & ethical work that would provide much needed food, too!  So, here we are and Style with Chalisa is ecstatic to partner with them to give back to those in need!

Check out more details, see the pictures and more here:



Have questions reach out!

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