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Did you know your personal style is a total combination of the way you dress, talk, move your body, or do all that you do, my friend. It is a way of presenting yourself to the world.  

Simply stated STYLE is how you express your inner being outwardly. Style includes everything from your thoughts & emotions to your interests & values. The outside is truly a reflection of what’s on the inside. Fashion is just one part of that and I’m here to encourage you to reach & dream for more in every area of your life

- Style a Life you LOVE. - Chalisa.

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I am excited to offer you amazing on trend but unique accessories with jBloom Designs that celebrate your individuality at an amazingly affordable price point. jBloom is known for accessories that reflect what's meaningful to YOU - wear & share your story here with Style with Chalisa.

jBloom has so many options for personalized accessories even custom designs available for upload (including picture & handwriting, too) PLUS  personalization is ALWAYS FREE.

Go ahead and take a peek & shop the looks NOW.

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JOIN the FUN of owning your own business, being your own boss, & being surrounded by a great community like our team and the other designers in jBloom. This opportunity allows you to take control of your own income + schedule (whether a little side biz or more full time) while doing something you love - the possibilities are endless.  Check it out here!

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 Holly E. - KY

jBloom is amazing, from their top quality jewelry to the amazing drink-ware! 
Chalisa is the BEST designer, as well as, an amazing friend! She will help you design your jewelry so you can share your story ! 

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