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Fall is in the air...

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

It's here friends - pumpkin spice, hoodies, cardies, and fun arm parties. Whether you are ready or not she marched herself on in here. Don't you wanna just have a word with her (fall), right?! Like, come on in here, sit down, and behave yourself. Anyone else feeling this way after the crazed chaos of 2020 and all the things?! Be truthful. I cannot be the ONLY one. So, how about we talk about a few things "fall style" related today from color, top ten fashion trends, new makeup finds, to nail color. Because if you know me well then you know this is totally my jam and makes me happy, happy to help you style a life you love.

Whatever makes you feel fall ready - Girl, GO do that! I have found that freshening up the wardrobe with a new style staple or fashion piece gives life to my personal style and puts a smile on my face. Every girl likes something new here and there even if we are home more than normal. Same thing with shoes, purses, makeup, and nail color. So, I'll keep this blog short and sweet and share the trends with you I've pulled together and shared over on FB in my VIP Group - Styled Life with Chalisa.

Not a VIP there? Oh, you wanna be! Check the 'Connect' section here on my site and click the link to join me there or join me over in my exclusive VIP group here. Cannot wait!!

So, what's your must have trend for fall? Is it hoops, fringe, layered looks, capes, all the military green, or a headband or 2? Whatever it is - just do you but don't be afraid to take a few "style" chances. Some of these looks I've even paired and matched for you over on the free App - 'Like to Know' it - go there and follow me and check out the easy fall bargain find links to love.

I love to make shopping easy breezy for you! Have you checked out the latest accessory styles in my marketplace? You'll find some of the looks there, too!

So, enjoy the cool mornings, cool evening breeze, and thank the good Lord for another season to praise Him! Truly He is good to us all.

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